Welcome to my Mini Transat campaign website. This website is dedicated to bringing you the latest information on one of the most exciting and difficult sports in the world. Here you will find information on my latest activities and full campaign information both past and present.

My current goal is to qualify and race in the Mini Transat race in 2007. This website will follow my progress in achieving this goal and allow you to discover more about the boat and the race.

The Mini Transat is one of the most demanding races in sailing, a single handed race across the Atlantic in a 21 foot boat. The route takes in all the extremes of sailing requiring every single aspect of your knowledge.

The race is run in Open 6.50 yachts. These yachts are the smaller cousins of the Open 60 design boats. The boat is just 21 foot long yet comparable to a yacht twice the size in terms of sails and speed. The Open 6.50 class was developed with few constraints to encourage new and exciting ideas for the boats design.